COVIDsafe summer restrictions

Victoria returned to COVIDSafe restriction settings on Friday 26 February 2021.

These restrictions allow Friends of the Prom to continue with its normal activities provided our volunteers take the normal Covid19 precautions like social distancing and carrying a mask.

Check with the DHHS website  for the up to date list of CovidSafe restrictions.

Restoring Hooded Plover habitat at Picnic Bay

Friends of the Prom received a grant from Coastcare Victoria in 2020 to restore Hooded Plover habitat at Picnic Bay.  The project aims to rid the beach of the invasive weed Sea Spurge which discourages Hooded Plovers from breeding.

As a first step, contractors sprayed the open areas of Sea Spurge with herbicide. That was in February this year. On the weekend 27th and 28th March, we followed up with volunteers hand-weeding to remove the Sea Spurge the contractors were instructed to avoid.

The beach is badly infested with Sea Spurge so the task appears daunting at first. But with 30 volunteers on Saturday and 25 on Sunday, we covered between one quarter and one third of the beach – a tremendous effort.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who ignored the rainy weather forecasts to attend on both days. And a special thank you to the enthusiastic team of Gippsland Intrepid Landcarers who swelled our ranks on Sunday.

Volunteers at Picnic Bay on Sunday 28 March - and its not raining!

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