COVIDsafe summer restrictions

The Victorian Government has again eased the restrictions on the way to re-opening the State following the Covid-19 lock-down. From 6 December 2020, COVIDsafe summer restrictions apply in Victoria.

There are no restriction on travel  and we can now have up to 100 volunteers attending our working-bees. We are almost back to normal again! Except that common sense social distancing measures still apply.

Face masks should be carried and wearing a face mask is strongly recommended indoors and outdoors when you can’t keep 1.5 metres distance from other people.

New arrivals at Norman Bay

At the shore bird survey run by Birdlife Australia last November, Friends of the Prom team Val, Gerry, Brooke and Jane spotted a Hooded Plover nest at Norman Bay.

Three chicks have now hatched and are keeping their parents busy. Marine Ranger Tess Hoinville fenced off the area and has been closely monitoring the family over the summer. Here is one of her photos – the chicks are a lesson in camouflage.

This is why we persevere with the Sea Spurge removal project.


Mum and Dad and two of the chicks

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