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About Us


The FOTP organises six weekend activities per year at the Prom and an annual luncheon in August-September. In addition, the nursery group meets to work in the FOTP nursery in Tidal River every second Thursday.

Activity weekends are held in February, April, May, July, September and November. The Annual General Meeting and a General Meeting are held on the Sunday morning of the July weekend. Between Annual Meetings, the FOTP is administered by an elected committee.

Visitors are always welcome and are usually introduced by a member. In return for making a contribution to the work planned for that weekend we do not have to pay entry or camping fees. The FOTP is a family friendly group and children are welcome. Some of the heavier physical work is not suitable for younger children, but there is usually alternative work to do such as weeding or beach combing.

Public Comment

With the prior approval of the Committee, the President may make or authorise statements on behalf of the Friends of the Prom on any issue affecting Wilsons Promontory National Park or the adjoining National Parks and reserves. The opinion of the membership shall be sought on any issue of particular or lasting controversy, by means of General Meeting or plebiscite of all members.

Group briefing by Park staff

Statement of Purposes

Friends of the Prom Inc:

a) Is an apolitical association of people with a shared love of Wilson's Promontory National Park, who support the conservation and restoration of the Prom's natural environment.

b) Supports the sustainable use of the park by visitors, balanced with the protection of the natural environment.

c) Undertakes voluntary work contributing to the implementation of the management plan for the park and the adjoining marine parks and reserves.

d) Provides an opportunity of friendship and fellowship between people with shared interest and ideals.

e) Provides an opportunity for individual growth through learning about the natural environment.