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Prom Sundays Friends and Parks Join FOTP

Help Protect the Prom's Iconic Wilderness Beach. Please sign our petition

Parks Victoria has recently announced it is considering an application by commercial tour operator, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, to operate boat tours of Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park from the beach at Norman Bay.

The commercial tour operation will take over the most popular beach on the Prom. The beach at the northern end of Norman Bay is one of the most beautiful and recognised locations on the Prom. “Being close to Tidal River camp ground, it is also the most used.

Driving and parking up to three large amphibious boats on this part of the beach on a daily basis will destroy the very thing that attracts thousands of visitors to the Prom each year – the pristine wilderness beach-scapes. Each boat is 12 metres long by 4metres wide and their presence on the beach each day will be most intrusive for beach users.

The impact a large commercial operation will have on peaceful, low-key, Tidal River may be profound. The decision to launch these tours on the beach is being made in a vacuum. The current management plan for Tidal River is out of date and does not plan for such a large scale commercial operation.

Parks Victoria has not responded to questions put to them about how the extra visitors generated by the boat tours will be managed when Tidal River is currently at bursting point in peak holiday times.

Parks Victoria has overlooked these concerns in its haste to smooth the way for the proposal. We have asked PV that the application not be approved until there is an independent assessment done of the impact of the boat tour operation on the public’s enjoyment of the beach at the launching site, and how the extra visitors to Tidal River will be managed.

Please help to support this iconic national park by completing this petition

Planting trees at the Lighthouse

Trees planted at Tidal River

Who is Friends of the Prom?

The Friends of the Prom Inc. (FOTP) is a group of volunteers with a shared love of Wilsons Promontory National Park. Our aim is to assist park staff with preservation and upkeep of one of Victoria's oldest and largest National Parks.

The Friends hold six activities weekends a year, and an annual luncheon. Some of our activities include tree planting, track maintenance, beach combing and weed removal. Saturday's are normally our work days and Sunday we relax with a walk, swim, surf, or spend the time enjoying the Prom's natural beauty. Members receive six newsletters a year containing reports on our activities with dates and details of future activities.

The conservation work we undertake includes activities suitable for young and old, and visitors often attend our weekends - usually introduced by a member. We also welcome overseas visitors interested to learn about Australia's natural environment, and meet Australian conservationists.

We are a friendly and informal group who welcome new members to assist us in the conservation of one of Australia's most spectacular National Parks.