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Parks Volunteers

Whilst the backbone for good park management in any park is its staff, the element that binds the park together, provides excellent working capabilities and really ties in a sense of community is its dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers bring with them so much more than just the ability to assist the park in improving and enhancing the park environment. They also bring with them a link to the local and wider community that's vital for any park to properly survive as part of the community. Without that community contact the park becomes an isolated pocket, unable to properly realise and display its true assets. All parks rely upon its volunteers to bring with them these community links that have the ability to make the park dynamic and vigorous within the community setting.

But it's a two way street. Volunteers also take with them, not only a sense of achievement and belonging as most volunteers aspire to, but also an increased set of skills and experience that they may not have had the opportunity to otherwise develop. These skills and experiences may not be the focus of any individual volunteer, but there is no doubt that each volunteer leaves the park with a greater understanding of the park ecology along with the ability to utilise skills learnt for the future.

Volunteers are much appreciated and valued members of the park team. With this spirit strong there can be no limit to what we can ultimately achieve!

Dan Jones
Ranger, Wilsons Promontory National Park

At work at the Lighthouse

Tree planting at Tidal River

Ranger Dan Jones at work