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Prom Sundays


Sundays at the Prom start with Saturday night.

After Saturday's work activities, the evening is given over to relaxation back at Stockyard camp. We start with pre dinner drinks (BYO) and enjoy the evening together under the stars or in the Friends shelter by the fire.

Sundays are your reward for the time you have donated to the Prom. Some of the activities Friends enjoy on Sundays include surfing, swimming, walking or just hanging out at your favorite spot. Sunday's are a great opportunity to get to all those places that you have seen on the map but have never made the time to visit. Also a great day to go mad with your camera, Sunday's give you the opportunity to take in the natural beauty that we all love about the Prom.

Group activities are often organized for Sundays, commonly a walk to one of the less-visited parts of the Prom: the North Western beaches are a popular destination for a walk and swim, with sightseeing including the occasional Emu spotted perusing on Darby beach; Friends have walked to South Point, the most southern point on the Australian mainland, to see South Point and look out onto the Tasmania island of Redondo; and, an early morning yoga session at camp followed by a surf in Norman Bay is a pleasant way to wind up your weekend.

Morning at South Point

Afternoon at Norman Beach

Climbing up to Sparks Lookout