About Us

Friends of the Prom is a volunteer group established in 1979. It is a group of over 100 members who care for the Prom and want to maintain its values. .

Our members come from all over Victoria. Many have a background of family camping or bushwalking at the Prom and now want to give something back.

We are a friendly and informal volunteer group that works with Parks Victoria staff to maintain the natural values of one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic national parks.

The conservation work we undertake is suitable for young and old. Park visitors often join in our activities. We welcome overseas visitors interested to learn about Australia’s natural environment, and meet Australian conservationists.

We run our own dedicated plant nursery  and environmental projects that assist with habitat management at the Prom. Come and work in the nursery every fortnight or join one of our camp-out weekend working bees – there’s something for everyone. We publish six Newsletters per year to keep you up to date with news of our activities

Becoming a member of FOTP is easy, rewarding and affordable. Your membership supports our basic running costs and gives you an insight into the management of an amazing National Park and opportunities to learn valuable environmental skills.

Contact Us –

Membership and general enquiries – Secretary: Keith McDougall – Email: info@friendsoftheprom.org.au

Media Enquiries – President: Olga Wilkinson Email: president@friendsoftheprom.org.au

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