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A brief history of the FOTP

2018 – Initiated Sea Spurge eradication goal for the entire length of Squeaky Beach.

2017 – Initiated Koala habitat on the Isthmus.

2016 – Lorikeet units. Parks Victoria build new accommodation units at Tidal River campground. FOTP members revegetate the areas around the completed units with about 7,500 plants. The plants in 2018 were in good condition and guards are slowly being removed from the larger plants.

2013 – On 2 November, FOTP along with the Prom Campers Association and the Victorian National Parks Association staged a key event on the beach at Tidal River in the “Hands off Parks” campaign to defend the Prom, along with other Victorian national parks against a state government proposal to open up the state’s national parks to the building of more tourist facilities by private enterprise.

1997 – In January, hundreds of people gathered on the beach at Tidal River forming the words “Hands Off!” as part of a successful campaign to oppose large-scale commercial accommodation at Tidal River and other Victorian national parks.

1995 – Our grant application for funds to establish a plant nursery at Tidal River was granted and a nursery was established in the same year.

1995 – We became an incorporated association to enable us to continue to apply for grants to fund substantial projects.

1995 – The Stockyards shelter was officially opened by the Chief Ranger for South Gippsland, Graeme Davis, on 9th Saturday 1995.

1994 – Submitted a grant application for a plant nursery at Tidal River, as the natural vegetation at numerous sites in the Park had been degraded.

1994 – Work on the Stockyards shelter commenced.

1993 – The Environment Minister, Mark Birrell, announced that our application to build a shelter for FOTP members at the Stockyards was successful.

1992 – We were granted exemption from paying park entry fees for our working weekends.

1979 – Following the successful foundation of similar groups at Wyperfeld and Organ Pipes, the Friends of the Prom was launched by the Victorian National Parks Association, with encouragement from the then National Parks service at a meeting at Tidal River on the weekend of 17 – 18 November. More than 50 members were signed up and their first task was a rubbish clean-up of Darby and Norman Beaches.

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