Tidal River Nursery

The Friends of the Prom volunteers who run the plant nursery at Tidal River are a remarkable group that deserve special mention. They have been meeting at the nursery every second Thursday since 1995. During this time, they have collected indigenous seeds and cuttings, and grown thousands of trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses for vegetation projects all over the Prom.

The nursery has propagated indigenous plants for habitat restoration in locations from the Yanakie Isthmus in the north to the Lighthouse in the south.  The nursery volunteers’ weeding and planting around Tidal River has helped to maintain the bushland character of the campground. Nursery volunteers work with Parks staff to give school and holiday program children an experience of collecting and propagating seeds

Join us every second Thursday at our dedicated plant nursery, behind the Works Depot, Tidal River.  The plant nursery Group work dates are in the Calendar.

For further information ring Nursery Coordinator, Mary on 0408 530 638 or email us:  <>

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