Tongue Point
Tidal River
View from Normans Look Out
Whisky Bay
Scull rock in the background
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Welcome to Friends of the Prom!

Would you like to do more than just visit the Prom?
Come join us on environmental projects, activity weekends, working in our dedicated plant Nursery, camping, socialising and exploring the Park. As we help look after the Prom, there’s a job with the Friends to suit you.

About Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilson’s Promontory is the southern most part of the Australian mainland. The promontory is an ancient granite mass jutting out into Bass Strait, the narrow stretch of sea separating Victoria from Tasmania. The Park is made up of granite mountains, connected to the mainland by the low and narrow Yanakie Isthmus. One of Australia’s oldest and most iconic national parks, it is affectionately known to generations of Australians as the Prom.

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