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  • Weed removal – sea spurge, asparagus fern, ragwort, fleabane, dolichos pea, briar rose, blue periwinkle mirror bush and thistles.
  • Propagation of over 15,000 plants in the FOTP Nursery.
  • Planting of trees on the Yanakie Isthmus to restore Koala Habitat.
  • Removal of invasive vegetation from grasslands and old heathlands.
  • Grass-tree monitoring for VNPA research project.
  • Hooded Plover counts on Prom beaches.
  • Survey of koala activity.
  • Seed collection -various local trees, shrubs, grasses and herbs.
  • Revegetation planting around Tidal River, Loo-ern Track, Picnic Point, Yanakie Isthmus and old quarry on Mt Oberon Road, Macalister Creek.
  • Rubbish collection on beaches and roadsides.
  • Clearing from Yanakie Cemetery.
  • Maintaining garden beds around the infomation centre and cafe-general store at Tidal River.
  • Establish a Prom heathland display garden at Tidal River.
  • Monitoring grass-tree dieback, shorebird populations.
  • Data collection for scientific projects on the Yanakie Isthmus – seed trap emptying and pellet counting.
  • Track clearing and repairs – Tin Mine Cove, Tidal Overlook, Tidal River Camping area, Chinamans Beach, Sealers Cove, Refuge Cove, and Millers Landing Track, Vereker Outlook and South Point.
  • Clearing bush from the heritage building sites at Darby River.
  • Construction and laying of slatting against erosion – Tidal Overlook and Waterloo Bay Tracks.
  • Construction of viewing platform with wheel chair access at Telegraph Saddle car park.
  • Construction of Vereker Outlook Track.
  • Construction of Friends Nursery at Tidal River.
  • Construction of shelter – at Stockyard camping area.
  • Removal of graffiti on rocks at Refuge Cove.
  • Assisting with Orange Bellied Parrot count.
  • Assisting with walker surveys.
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