Important notice

Following a recent spike in the number of Covid-19 cases reported in Victoria,  the Government recently (22 June 2020) changed the restrictions which affect volunteering at the Prom.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

Instructions to volunteers –

  1. You must pre-register on ParkConnect for all activities.  (ParkConnect is Parks Victoria’s portal for all volunteer activity across the State)
  2. The upper limit on volunteer numbers for outdoor activities has been reduced from 20 to 10. We will regulate numbers of volunteers via ParkConnect, and if there are more pre-registrations than places, we will give preference to Friends of the Prom paid-up members. Given that the limit was recently reduced from 20 to 10, we have the option of setting up an additional activity if there are more than 10 registrations. The limit on group size would then be 10 for any one activity.
  3. Volunteers must sign in before work and sign out after finishing work so we can keep track of each volunteer.
  4. We ask volunteers on-site to take the usual measures at all times to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. This includes being symptom-free for 2 weeks prior to this event, maintaining social distancing and hand hygiene, and no sharing of food or food utensils etc.

2020 Calendar of Activities

FOTP Weekend activities

July 4

Saturday – Tree planting at Tidal River – CANCELLED by Parks Victoria

August 1

Saturday – Tree planting at Tidal River for National Tree Day

September 26/27

Saturday – Tree planting for restoration of koala habitat at Yanakie Isthmus.

September 27

Sunday – AGM at Tidal River

November 7

Saturday – Sea Spurge removal at Squeaky Beach

For further information on any of the above activities, please contact the Secretary <>

Other activities

Tidal River Plant Nursery

All nursery days take place on a Thursday, fortnightly, at the FOTP native plant nursery, situated in the Tidal River work yard Tidal River. Working hours are typically 09:30am to 3:00pm.
Nursery dates are –

  • July: 16
  • August: 13, 27
  • September: 10, 24
  • October: 8, 22
  • November: 5, 19
  • December: 3, 17, 31

Check ParkConnect for details or phone Mary Walker 0408 530 638

Tree guard building for koala habitat seedlings

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 July.

For registration and details check with ParkConnect or phone Bill Hansen 0417 341 504

Grazer monitoring project (pellet counting)

To be advised by email , but also check with ParkConnect or phone Bill Hansen 0417 341 504

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