2021 Calendar of Activities

Wednesday 3 February

Sea Spurge removal at Squeaky Beach

Saturday 27 February

Beach rubbish clean-up; Tree guard building; Track clearing

Friday 26, Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 March

Sea Spurge removal at Picnic Bay; Track clearing

Saturday 22 May

Plant trees at airfield for Koala Habitat Restoration Project.

Saturday 3 July

Sunday 4 July

Tree planting at Tidal River

Friends of the Prom AGM at Tidal River

Sunday 1  August

National tree planting day

Saturday 25 September

Tree planting at Tidal River

Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November

Sea Spurge removal at Picnic Bay

For all Friends of the Prom activities, please register your attendance on the Parks Victoria volunteer portal ParkConnect – https://www.parkconnect.vic.gov.au/   (you will first have to register with Friends of the Prom on ParkConnect) or contact the Secretary at <info@friendsoftheprom.org.au>.

Friends of the Prom Nursery

All nursery days take place every second Thursday at the FOTP native plant nursery, situated in the Parks Victoria works yard at Tidal River.

Common sense social distancing precautions still apply, particularly for higher risk volunteers over the age of 70. 

Nursery dates for 2021 are  –

  • January: 28
  • February: 11, 25
  • March: 11, 25
  • April: 8, 22
  • May: 6, 20
  • June: 3, 17
  • July: 1, 15, 29
  • August: 12, 26
  • September: 9,23
  • October: 7, 21
  • November: 4, 18
  • December: 2, 16, 30

Please register your attendance in  ParkConnect or phone Mary Walker 0408 530 638

Grazer monitoring

We are counting grazing animal pellets at a number of plots on the Yanakie Isthmus. The counts are used to assess trends in grazing animal populations in the vicinity. The data feeds into a lomg-term project to restore the Coastal Grassy Woodlands on the Isthmus.

There are no counts over summer because the native dung beetles break down the animal pellets during the hotter months. The counts will resume in autumn 2021

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